Amati Violin for sale

Amati Mangenot Violin

This Amati  violin dated 1928 came from a Paris estate.  It has no signs of repairs and is in excellent condition. It has been freshly set up and has Dominant Strings.  The sound is clear and resonant. Amati became a superb maker and his violins are exceptional in quality. He was able to faithfully reproduce the old Italian masters.

From John Dilworth: MANGENOT, Amati Born 1901 Mirecourt, Worked from 1925 Bordeaux France. Son and pupil of Paul Alexandre Mangenot (who was trained by Paul Bailly). Also trained with Laurent in Brussels. Established independently in Clermont-Ferrand 1922 and moved to Bordeaux 1925. Classical Cremonese models. Fine workmanship. Oil or amber varnish of reddish shade on an old gold yellow background. Amati Mangenot Fils / Luthier / à Mirecourt (Vosges) / No.. Fair par Amati Mangenot / Eleve de Emile Laurent / A Bordeaux l’an 19.. Amati Mangenot, Luthier / à Bordeaux, l’An 19..

$9,500 Retail $6,000

Amati Violin

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amati violin - amati mangenot

amati mangenot violin back

amati mangenot violin scroll sides

In addition to this fine Amati violin, we offer other instruments from Italy, France, England, Germany, Czechoslovakia and occasionally from the United States.  Each country seems to have it’s own sound characteristics based on the wood that was available for construction. Listen to the sound samples and see which country’s instruments best suit your taste.  You may be surprised.