French Violin

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Collin-Mezin French Violin, Dated 1883

This beautiful French violin by Collin-Mezin is hand signed on the inside back of the lower bout and is made with a nicely flamed one-piece maple back and matching sides.  The table is tight grained spruce and the F holes are slighted fluted showing exceptional craftsmanship.  This violin has a velvety tone, is well balanced with a strong projection.  It has a fresh set up with Dominant strings. There are no cracks or repairs.

Length of Back: 359 mm

$12,000 Retail $7,500

Collin-Mezin is a distinguished violin making family with many generations working in the craft.  Born in Mirecourt in 1841, the son and apprentice of C. L. Collin. Awarded gold and silver medals at the Paris exhibitions in 1878, 1889 and 1900.  Named Officer de l’Academie des Beaux-Arts in 1884. Died in 1923.  The tonal qualities of these instruments are always well balanced and powerful.

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french violin collin-mezin

french violin collin-mezin back

french violin collin-mezin scroll