Eugen Meinel Violin dated 1926

Eugen Meinel Violin

This  full size Eugen Meinel violin is dated 1926 and has been restored to excellent condition.  The top was cracked at the treble F hole and also from the saddle to the sound post.  It has a properly made sound post patch.  The sound is strong, deep and resonant.   This is a trade name of Ernst Heinrich Roth as is Oscar Meinel – he used trade names to increase sales.  The violin is firebranded in the center above the label. The label reads:

Eugen Meinel
Marknenkirken, Germany
Handmade Copy of Antonius Stradivarius

LOB: 358 mm – full size


eugen meinel violin

eugen meinel violin back

eugen meinel violin scroll

eugen meinel violin scroll sides

eugen meinel violin label