Our Story

Why offer these fine violins at such a discount?

It all started when our girls were young and started playing violin.  We were on a tight budget and started with cheap eBay violins from China.  As the girls improved and grew, my wife wanted to find better violins that were easier to play and sounded better in hopes of keeping them interested in playing.  She spent about a year in search of a deal on an older, better violin.  She finally found a very nice old French violin dated 1901 that didn’t break the bank. What a vast improvement!  Our daughter glowed with excitement and found that practicing was a lot more fun on violin that actually sounded great.  That began our addiction to finding and restoring old instruments.

Over the years our kids have been able to play some amazing violins (and cellos).  The oldest was a 1720 Italian!  We have also been able to help many, many young violinists acquire very nice violins.  We recently attended a church performance with 8 violinists on stage.  Someone leaned over and asked, “How many of those violins came from you?”  After counting I replied, “All eight!”  That was a very gratifying moment.

We love helping musicians, young and old, find a violin they absolutely love!