Sebastien Auguste Deroux Violin 1899

Sebastien Auguste Deroux Violin – 1899 French violin

This Sebastien Auguste Deroux Violin is dated 1899 and is in excellent condition.  The violin is labeled and also hand signed by the maker inside on the upper back.  The violin bridge was stamped P. Hel – a famous maker in his own right.  This violin was purchased from France. There are no cracks or repairs.  It has a fresh set up with new post, bridge and dominant strings.  You may find you prefer Evah Pirazzi strings as many French violins seem to prefer them.  This Sebastien Auguste Deroux Violin has a beautiful dark voice, powerful and evenly balanced tone through the range.

LOB: 355 mm – full size


Dilsworth: DEROUX, Sébastien Auguste Born 1848 Mirecourt, died 1919 Paris France. Son and pupil of Georges Deroux, above. Worked for Silvestre in Lyons 1866-1869, then Miremont in Paris 1873-1884 where he became head of the workshop. Established his own business at 16 rue Geoffroy-Marie, Paris in 1884. This shop was revived by Millant after his death. Precisely 244 instruments are recorded with his signature; copies of Stradivari and Guarneri with red-brown varnish and an excellent standard of finish. Auguste Deroux à Paris An 1885. S. A. Deroux / 16, rue Geoffroy-Marie. / No. 117 Paris 18..

Sebastien Auguste Deroux Violin

Sabastien Auguste Deroux Violin

Sebastien Auguste Deroux violin back

Sebastien Auguste Deroux vioin scroll