Hermann Geipel violin – German handmade violin

Hermann Geipel Violin

This German made Hermann Geipel violin is in excellent condition.  It has bushed peg holes and one nicely repaired top crack on the treble side.  There are no sound post or bass bar cracks or repairs.  It has a gorgeous one piece back of highly flamed maple with an ebony ring on the button.  This violin has a clear and well balanced tone.  It has not been played for a very long time and will open up again as it is played.  It has a fresh set up with new bridge, sound post and Dominant strings.  The instrument is full size but on the smaller size, yet larger than a 7/8th.  Perfect for a smaller player.

LOB: 353 mm

Henley: Born 1862.  Established at Bramback (Bohemia), 1885.  Designs and workmanship much esteemed.


Hermann Geipel violin

Hermann Geipel violin back

Hermann Geipel violin scroll