Mathias Heinicke Violin dated 1923

Mathias Heinicke Violin

This Mathias Heinicke Violin is dated 1923, labeled and fire branded internally, is a superb example of this master’s work. Gorgeous wood, meticulous craftsmanship and wonderful sound.  It has a clear tone with nice harmonics.  It has been unplayed for many years – just playing it for a few minutes in the shop and we could hear the sound reviving as the wood began to vibrate again.  The violin has two professionally repaired table cracks on the lower treble side – they are hard to see even when holding the violin.  The violin has a fresh set up with a new bridge, sound post, Dominant strings and new pegs.

Length of Back: 357 mm – full size

Dilworth: HEINICKE, Mathias Born 1871 Budapest Hungary, Worked from 1897 Skalná (Wildstein) Czech Republic. Studied in Markneukirchen and Italy. Active Budapest and Berlin. Established independently in Skalná 1897. Fine copies of classical Italian work, each with appropriate shaded varnish. Made great use of timber reclaimed from old buildings. Spirit and oil varnish of his own recipes. Branded on back. Printed labels: Mathias Heinicke, Geigenbauer / Wildstein b. Eger, 1923. Bohemia. / Schüler von Eugenio Degani in Venedig / Made in Czechoslovakia



Mathias Heinicke Violin

Mathias Heinicke Violin - back