George L Dykes Violin

George L Dykes Violin

This George L Dykes violin is in excellent condition and exhibits the fine craftsmanship one would expect from a pupil of Paul Bailly.  There appear to be no crack repairs, just minor touch up.  This violin is powerful has has a classic French sound.  It has a a fresh set up with new Dominant strings, bridge and sound post.  This violin is numbered #17.  This violin is from a British estate and has been unplayed for some time.  The sound will improve significantly as it is played again.

LOB: 356 mm – full size

From Dillworth: DYKES, George Langton Born 1884 Leeds, died 1922 London UK. Son and pupil of Harry Dykes. Active violin maker from the age of 12. Trained also by Paul Bailly who worked for his father. Made very fine French-style copies of classical instruments, using a varnish recipe supposedly originating from Vuillaume’s workshop and taught to him by Bailly. Greatly admired in his time. Printed label: Made by / George L. Dykes / Leeds, pupil of / Paul Bailly / (pupil of Jean Baptiste Vuillaume of Paris)

$8,000 Retail SOLD

george l dykes violin

george l dykes violin back

george l dykes violin sides

george l dykes violin scroll

george l dykes violin scroll sides