Advanced Violin for sale

Advanced Violin for Aspiring Students

Advanced violins are a very big step above an entry level student.  These are for aspiring students in high school or middle school who take private lessons and show promise.  The advantage of having an exceptional violin is that your young prodigy will be heard above the rest of the orchestra.  When being judged during jury selections or in competitions, the quality of the tone of an advanced instrument will place your violinist ahead of the pack.  In addition, these instruments are an investment that will increase in value over time.  Cheaper violins are much like buying a car that devalue the moment you walk out of the show room.



Roman Teller violin dated 1960.  Professional level instrument at an affordable price.
More Details.

$5,000 Retail $4,500




roth lederer advanced violin


Roth & Lederer Violin circa 1900
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Albin O Schmidt advanced violin


Albin O Schmidt violin circa 1900
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$5,000 Retail $3,500




collin-mezin advanced violin


Ch JB Collin-Mezin violin dated 1950. Gorgeous flamed maple.
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$5,000 Retail $3,500





Advanced violin by Raymond Collenot


A French violin dated 1927 by Raymond Collenot labeled Collenot Fils (Brothers). From an estate sale in Paris. Violin has no table cracks. It has rebushed peg holes. New Dominant strings. More Details

$5,000 Retail $3,500





Leon Bernardel violin Leon Bernardel violin dated 1933. Excellent condition.
More Details.

$4,000 Retail $2,800






Ernst Heinrich Roth violin dated 1956. Excellent craftsmanship, labeled and fire branded internally.  More Details.

$3,500 Retail $2,250




Advanced violin F X Drozen
Frantisek X. Drozen was an exceptional maker of fine violins from Turnov, Czechoslovaki. This violin is fire-branded on the back with his name.  Unfortunately some enterprising individual removed the label.  Gorgeous violin set up with new Dominant strings.  Nice full sound  More info

$5,000 Retail $3,000




Ernst Heinrich Roth violin


A German violin dated 1958 by Ernst Heinrich Roth, labeled and fire branded internally. One owner violin in exceptional condition.
More Details







1925 Heinrich Th Heberlein Jr violin with gorgeous flamed wood. Very nice, strong balanced sound. Back measures 356 – full size. Wonderful tone. It is completely ready to play. New dominant strings. More Info




Luigi Digiuini Italian violin


Luigi Digiuini Italian C1925.
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Rudolf Buchner advanced violin


Rudolf Buchner violin dated 1965. Excellent condition – no repairs.
More Details.  SOLD





In addition to the advanced violins shown above, we have several German violins made 1890 to 1920 that are in excellent condition and have highly flamed maple back and sides.  These old instruments have a pleasing mature tone, are easy to play and have excellent projection.  Old advanced violins really do sound better!

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