Thomas Perry Violin for sale

Thomas Perry Violin

Thomas Perry Violin maker in Dublin, Ireland learned the craft from his father. Thomas made very fine violins, violas and one cello.  He had an apprentice for many years, William Wilkinson.  This violin is branded ” Perry Dublin” on the button and dated 1840.  Perry died in 1818 and Wilkinson died in 1838.  It is unknown if Perry created this violin alone or with Wilkinson – as they were known to also collaborate on instruments as well.  The shop continued to sell off inventory after both deaths.  This instrument has a grafted neck and a clear, sweet tone. Minor restoration include peg bushings and an F hole crack.  Currently in excellent condition with new Dominant strings.

Length of Back: 356 mm


thomas perry violin front

thomas perry violin back


thomas perry violin scroll

thomas perry violin scroll sides




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