Roth & Lederer Violin

Roth & Lederer Violin – German made by Ernst H. Roth & Max Lederer

Roth & Lederer violin made between 1890 – 1902.  Violin is in excellent condition, made from select wood and was carefully crafted.  It is an unusual deep red color.  Fresh set up with new sound post, bridge, chinrest, pegs and new Dominant Strings. Modeled after Antonio Stradivari, this violin is strong, clear and has beautiful resonance.  This is a great opportunity to own an older Ernst H Roth violin at a fraction of the cost.

Markneukirchen, Germany. – late 1800’s to early 1900’s – firm connected with the August Liebich labeled instruments.  Ernst Heinrich Roth collaborated with Max Lederer in his early years before he started the E H Roth firm in 1902 with his cousin Gustav August Ficker.

Length of Back: 357 mm


roth lederer violin - front

roth lederer violin back

roth lederer violin scroll