Roman Teller Violin dated 1960

Roman Teller Violin

This Roman Teller violin is dated 1960 and is a single owner violin.  It was played professionally for over 50 years and has developed a sweet, clear, powerful voice – truly a professional instrument.  Roman Teller developed a varnish technique that is quite remarkable – his instruments seem to glow from within.  Roman Teller worked in Bubenreuth/Erlangen Germany from the  1920’s to 1970’s.  He taught his son in law, Rudolf Buchner, the art of violin making and Rudolf eventually took over the business. The Juzek family says that during the 50’s, Teller made some of their Master Art models.

This violin appears to be completely original including the bridge and sound post.  There have been no repairs to the body or neck with the exception of one small corner that was chipped and nicely repaired.   This is a truly exceptional violin.


roman teller violin

Roman Teller Violin sides

Roman Teller violin scroll - sides

Roman Teller violin scroll