Gennaro de Luccia Cello

Gennaro de Luccia Cello

This Gennaro De Luccia Cello is labeled but not dated.   Cello is in excellent condition with new Spirocore Tungsten + Larson Soloist Strings.

LOB: 29 3/4″ (75.6 cm) – full size.

Dilworth: DE LUCCIA, Gennaro Born 1911 Casigliano, Sessa Cilento Italy. Worked in Casigliano and Mercato Cilento, Salerno. Chiefly a maker of guitars and mandolins, but also produced a large number of violins with clear orange-yellow varnish, mostly exported to the USA. Emigrated to America himself in 1951 to work with his brother Vincenzo in Philadelphia. Later worked for Rembert Wurlitzer in New York 1952-1956, before relocating to Miami. Retired 1978.



Gennaro De Luccia cello

Gennaro De Luccia cello back

Gennaro De Luccia cello sides